Sentient AI Review

Sentient AI Review

Sentient Technologies is all about artificial intelligence (AI). Two out of their three solutions is relevant to us: Sentient Aware for eCommerce and Sentient Ascend for digital marketing. Their third solution is about finance and trading and they have also been working on an AI nurse.

Sentient Aware takes away the manual work of most recommendation engines, like tagging similar products, through AI. It allows for AI based shopping and funnel optimization. It learns and improves over time, better predicting what your customer wants, at this given moment.

Sentient Ascend on the other hand is a conversion optimization software that is all about testing and optimization. It aims to increase the ROI of your website and campaigns.


To get started, you need to add the Sentient AI code snippet to your website.


  • AI powered merchandising: use AI instead of big data for better recommendations.
  • Personalization: experiences that are unique and not based on “users like…”
  • Multivariate testing: test your ideas at once, with the help of AI.
  • Full funnel optimization: test your ideas across multiple pages.
  • Insights dashboard: analyze how your ideas are performing.
  • Visual and code editor: edit both visually and through code.
  • Device compatible: Sentient Aware works on any device.


Our respondents were particularly happy with the following features.

  • AI is cool.
  • The promise of machine learning (for big datsets) is great – it can transcend companies into a data-driven approach.


The following caveats were mentioned in the survey results.

  • You need a giant data-set – or rather a lot of traffic – to make it work properly.
  • The company sems to focus on many things at the same time, which makes it a bit hard to see where customers of a specific product fit in.
  • Without mentioning the numbers, it was said that the service is expensive.

The verdict about Sentient AI

Sentient does a lot of cool things. When it comes to AI they are very well-known. For example, they do great presentations. But… personalization is not their main thing. So, you need to ask yourself what you need exactly and whether Sentient really provides that.

Machine learning can be powerful, when it comes to e-commerce and recommendation engines. When compared to Qubit and Dynamic Yield, you can see Sentient as a wild card. So, if e-commerce is the business you are in and you are willing to make an investment with your money and time, Sentient could be promising. You will need a lot of traffic, though.

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