Dynamic Yield Review

Dynamic Yield is described as a “Customer Engagement Platform” focused on the digital experience of customers, like a one-stop shop. This great tool works in real time and across various channels.

Dynamic Yield has a customer segmentation engine that makes use of machine learning to create segments. Then these segments are addressed through A/B tests, personalizations, product recommendations, automatic optimization and real-time messaging.

Important to keep in mind: Dynamic Yield has a couple of industries they focus on, such as media, travel, gaming and B2C marketers. However, their main focus is e-commerce, and brands with more than 3 million USD annual revenue.


e-commerce personalization focuses on recommendation engines for personalized product suggestions via email or website. These solutions are deeply entwined with the customer’s webshop, since they require information about product availability and purchase history. As you can imagine, this requires a highly customized setup and quite some time to implement.

Customer support

According to our respondents, the support team of Dynamic Yield is quite responsive.


  • Omnichannel personalization: create seamless experiences across channels.
  • Behavioural messaging: create message relevant to each individual visitor.
  • Personalized recommendations: set custom rules for the machine learning engine.
  • A/B testing: use predictive tests for different variations.
  • Campaign optimization: use machine learning to improve your tests over time.
  • Customer segmentation: segment your audience for better results.
  • Personalized emails: use your existing data to personalize emails.
  • Mobile personalization: personalize on mobile web and apps.


Our respondents were particularly happy with the following features.

  • Dynamic Yield is trusted – it has nearly 100 customers that include global brands.
  • It aims to optimize the entire funnel, so it is very comprehensive.
  • It is powerful as it aims for many things in a single platform.
  • It offers many solutions for many verticals so you can customize thoroughly.


The following caveats were mentioned in the survey results.

  • Dynamic Yield is not the best fit if you are not in enterprise e-commerce.
  • Their wide range of solutions can be over-reaching at times.
  • They are charging heavily.
  • You will need development skills. Dynamic Yield is not a “no-IT needed” solution.

The verdict about Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is aiming to reach the largest customers requiring personalization. However, their success is mostly limited to retail businesses at this point. If you are such a big e-commerce business, it is best to look at either Dynamic Yield or Qubit. Maybe try, compare and decide which one works best for you.

Take note, though: with a large feature set comes a large implementation effort. So, if you have a large tech team, you should be fine. But this is not an ideal option for smaller companies with little technical knowledge.

That said, Dynamic Yield has proven to be one of the best options in their niche. So, if you are big in retail, you can’t go wrong.

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