Adobe Target review

It seems to be a current trend for testing tools to notice the increased importance of and demand for personalization. So, while Adobe Target is mainly focused on testing, they mixed in a little bit of personalization.

It is possible to use Adobe Target across channels: on your website, emails, banners and ads. It can be seen as a “complete optimization solution” aimed at marketers who want to experiment quickly and pick the best performing experiences for their viewers. This can be done through every step of a customer's journey, providing a continuous experience.

Adobe Target is building machine learning into its product to increase the speed and accuracy of the testing process, at scale. Through automated personalization, they choose the most fitting variation for any given visitor based on what they already know about them, aiming for better conversion rates.


You have to add one line of code to enable testing.

This is easy for an existing Adobe customer, but it is more work for a new customer who is just getting into Adobe.

Customer support

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  • A/B testing: test different experiences for your segments.
  • Multivariate testing: test different combinations for your segments.
  • Experience targeting: target audiences based on rules and criteria that you set.
  • Mobile app optimization: optimize for the mobile-first world.
  • Search and Promote: suggest merchandise and offers based on visitor data.
  • Profiles and audiences: create profiles and share them across Adobe products.
  • Analytics-enhanced reporting: sync your existing data with Adobe Analytics


Our respondents were particularly happy with the following features.

  • It is part of Adobe Suite, and is sold as an add-on.
  • You can create a profile in Adobe Marketing Cloud and share it between solutions.
  • They have insight reports for audiences, offers and influencers.
  • You can create personalized content for far more complex audiences.
  • Various channels: web and mobile sites, offsite, mobile apps, IoT etc.
  • Mobile app optimization includes push notifications, SMS, and email.


The following caveats were mentioned in the survey results.

  • It is not really part of the Adobe Suite, because it is sold as an add-on.
  • It is poorly integrated with Adobe's own suite.
  • Automated personalization is for Premium customers only.
  • Targeted recommendations is for Premium customers only.
  • Auto-targeting is for Premium customers only.

The verdict about Adobe Target

We will keep this one short. If you are an existing Adobe Marketing Cloud customer, this is the most sensible option for you to go with as you are already invested and integrated in the platform. You can stop reading now.

However, if you are not an existing customer, it’s a very big commitment to make. It will require serious investment in terms of both time, effort and money. There are many other products that focus only on personalization. These would be a better fit for you, and wouldn’t be requiring you to sign up to a whole package of tools, most of which you probably don’t need.

By the way, if you would like to know more about Adobe Premium, you can take a look at this comparison from the Adobe website.

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