AB-Tasty review

AB Tasty is a French “All in One CRO Platform” that offers testing, user insights and personalization. Like many, it advertises itself as a non-technical solution for marketers. Their goal is to achieve better user experiences and higher revenues through increased conversion rates. We love the mission.

With AB Tasty you can quickly test the ideas you have for better optimization and then analyze their success through measures like registration and purchase rates etc. You can also personalize based on targeting conditions and audience profiles as well as data that you already have.


To get started, you need to add the AB-Tasty code snippet to your website.

Customer support

Email for smaller packages, significantly more provided for Enterprise.


  • A/B Testing: compare two versions of a page and pick the better one.
  • Multivariate testing: modify multiple elements of a page, at once.
  • Heatmap and User session replay: discover how visitors interact with your site.
  • Funnel testing: run tests across multiple pages.
  • Cross-device optimization: supports websites, CMS, mobile and apps.
  • Personalization: personalize websites, content and apps.
  • Targeting: target based on various criteria and your existing data.
  • Visual and code editor: make changes through visual aspects and code changes.


Our respondents were particularly happy with the following features.

  • Having predictive data is helpful.
  • The editor is easy to use, also without technical skills.
  • You can easily modify the html and CSS and directly implement your js.
  • Responsive customer support.


The following caveats were mentioned in the survey results.

  • To get more use out of the tool you need to know some HTML, CSS and JS code.
  • You need some training to be able to use many aspects of the tool.
  • Editor can be slow to load.

The verdict about AB-Tasty

AB Tasty is a nice option, especially with its user insights tools like heatmaps and more. Pricing is relatively low, when compared to for example Optimizely.

However, when looking at the pricing page, you see that the Starter and Plus packages are missing a lot that only the Enterprise plan has to offer. So, there are no heatmaps, no session recordings, no multivariate testing, no funnel testing, and no third-party segments. So, if you are an enterprise user, this may be your option.

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