Best mobile A/B testing tools

Quickly compare A/B testing tools for mobile

When you launch a mobile app, you need to concern yourself with two things: getting downloads and retaining users. The retention bit is particularly challenging. Think about it, how often do you use most apps on your phone? Most likely, you don’t use them all on a daily basis. How do you make your UX engaging enough to keep people coming back as often as possible? A/B testing can help.

Like all forms of A/B testing, running these experiments on mobile requires a bit of science. Namely, you need to study how users are interacting with your app. Pen a hypothesis or make clear assumptions about what you’d like to improve. For instance, will using larger icons on your landing page increase engagement? Run the test and analyze.

There are tools that can make this process a lot easier. Let’s take a look.

What are the best tools out there for mobile A/B testing?

The vendors below provide enable you to run A/B tests on iOS and Android applications. Compare them by:

  • Implementation time and requirements
  • Features offered
  • Pricing
  • Level of support

AB Tasty Review


AB Tasty is a French “All in One CRO Platform” that offers testing, user insights and

Omniconvert Review


Omniconvert is a conversion optimization tool for your website. They offer some personalization

Adobe Target Review


It seems to be a current trend for testing tools to notice the increased importance of and demand

Qubit Review


Qubit is seen as the “Jack of All Trades” when it comes to e-commerce personalization. It allows its

Dynamic Yield Review


Dynamic Yield is described as a “Customer Engagement Platform” focused on the digital experience of

Google Optimize Review


Optimize is an offering as part of Google's Analytics and Analytics 360 platform. It allows you to

Visual Website Optimizer Review


VWO is an “A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization Platform”. It is a place where - qualitative and

Unless Review


Unless is the new kid on the block, but making its mark on the industry already. It’s a

Optimizely Review


Optimizely started off as an A/B testing tool and is seen as the leading experimentation platform.