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Editor’s Choice

Optimizely Review


Optimizely started off as an A/B testing tool and is seen as the leading experimentation platform.

Location: 631 Howard St, San Francisco, CAWebsite: +1 800-252-9480

Google Optimize Review


Optimize is an offering as part of Google's Analytics and Analytics 360 platform. It allows you to

Unless Review


Unless is the new kid on the block, but making its mark on the industry already. It’s a

Location: Rokin 75Website: https://www.unless.comPhone: +31 207009345

What is this website about?

Finding a personalization engine that fits your needs can be challenging. There are so many companies and startups, big and small, all offering similar products. Finding the right fit for your website, audience, industry and budget is not easy. We are here to help!

Review methodology

Over the course of Q3 2017, we sent out a survey to a massive amount of peers who are actively engaged in online marketing. Over 500 people responded, telling us about their experiences and preferences.

The results

The results were aggregated into a ranked list. The rank is defined by a formula that takes into account both personal preference of the respondents, as well as the amount of voters.